JOsh Mehler

Greetings.  I grew up in the Bay Area, and still live and work here as a video artist.  I'm happy to talk about any kind of project you might have in mind.  I like lighting and shooting, so visual diversity is much appreciated.  I have cameras and lights ready to go.

As for Motion Graphics, I am very handy with the Adobe Creative Suite of tools and have a LOT of experience with Tech and Biotech.  Clients have included North Face, Vans, Splunk, Google, and many others.

415.250.3515 E-Mail:


Production:            Planning shoots, managing talent, organizing and running crews.

Shooting:               Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Teleprompter, Photographer

Post Production:    Photoshop, After Effects, and Cinema 4D

Gear and Equipment

I have a full suite of video production gear including cameras, lights, audio, and more.  Specialty gear includes Canon C100, 5D MkII, Many lenses, Kessler Second Shooter and a 17" Teleprompter.

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