JOsh Mehler

Greetings.  I'm at your service for video and motion graphics work.  I'm skilled at shooting Interviews, B-Roll, and Run and Gun footage.  I also really enjoy shooting timelapse, people dancing, playing music, and dramatic landscapes.  As for Motion Graphics, I am very handy with the Adobe Creative Suite of tools and have a LOT of experience with Tech and Biotech.  Clients have included North Face, Vans, Splunk, Google, and many others.

My workplace is a warehouse, art studio, in San Rafael, CA, called Translucent Studios.  Translucent Studios Facebook page

Also, I'm an enthusiastic amateur musician who writes songs and plays guitar, bass, piano, clarinet, trumpet, some mandolin, and will give a try to whatever anybody hands me.

Services Offered

Production: Planning shoots, managing talent, organizing and running crews.

Shooting: Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Teleprompter, Photographer

Motion Graphics: Skilled with Photoshop, After Effects, and Cinema 4D

Gear and Equipment

I have a full suite of video production gear including cameras, lights, audio, and more.  Specialty gear includes Kessler Second Shooter and a 17" Teleprompter.

LinkedIn Profile.