How to Install a Sink

My latest Cinema 4D animation project.  A demo for how to install a high end sink from Badeloft.  It's like a Hogwarts sink installation class.

Recording Music at Translucent

Yesterday, the talented, Mika Scott, came in and we recorded one of his songs, The Sea of Love.  It was my first effort here at Translucent recording someone other than myself.  A great experience and we got surprisingly good results in only a few hours.  It was really satisfying, after all the hard work I've put into this studio, to see it fully functional.

First we recorded vocals and acoustic guitar using a large diaphragm condenser microphone.  Then harmony vocals with the same setup.  Then Mika played a backup rhythm and then a lead using my Stratocaster through my Fender Deluxe Reverb, which was captured using a Shure SM57.  After than we recorded Mika playing my Cajon for rhythm, again using the SM57.  Then he sat at the drum kit and added cymbals.

Thanks Mika for being my test case.  Looking forward to the next one.

Gallery Opening in San Francisco

Miya Ando, art opening, and Nancy Toomi, gallery images.  On Saturday, May 7th, I shot a really nice art opening for Miya Ando, who works with really unique metal pigments and materials to great effect.  I also shot the gallery once it was cleaned up.

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Fire In The Fountain

Another fun evening of shooting fire dancers in San Francisco.  This time I used my Steadycam with my C100.  Some of the video came out really nicely.  I missed my long lens (70-200) and being able to manually focus, but the C100 did a pretty decent job of focusing for me.  I also tried to keep the edit down to 1 minute this time.  Much more acceptable in this era.

Having fun with my Glidecam. (Image Andy Peri)

Having fun with my Glidecam. (Image Andy Peri)

I'm way in the back up on the step.  (Image Andy Peri)

I'm way in the back up on the step.  (Image Andy Peri)

Getting right up close. (Image Andy Peri)

Getting right up close. (Image Andy Peri)

Latest Video, Fire Dancing in February

Well, it's been a LONG effort getting Translucent Studios built out.  But, the new space is awesome, and I'm making lots of music here.  AND, finally I'm getting out and shooting again.  The other night I went out and shot fire dancers in China Basin Park, in San Francisco.  It was great fun and I'm really happy with the video I cut together. 

Shot in China Basin Park, San Francisco, by Josh Mehler. Translucent Studios.
Music, Koto by CloZee
February 11, 2016
Shot with a Canon C100 60P

New Camera Coming!

I finally decided to add a better video camera to my arsenal of 5D's.  Today I've ordered the Canon C100 Mark II.  Yes, there are cameras in that price range with more features like 4K and more slow motion options.  But, the Canon color space is my favorite.  Skin tones look dreamy, and for me that is the deciding factor.  No 4K, and no internal 4:2:2, but I'm going to just keep on with the belief that quality images still come down to light, subject and the eye of the person behind the camera.  And, most everything I've ever shot was for the internet.  If I get a gig that intends to be projected on a big screen at a conference or big meeting, I'll just rent more high end cameras and work it into the budget. 

Mostly I'm going to use it for corporate interviews, B-Roll, music videos, my small short films, and my mini-documentaries "Elements of Sound".  For those purposes, I think this camera will be a GIANT step up from using 5D's and having to cobble together audio, external monitor, capture device, etc.  And, if my business really starts to take off, the C100 will become the B-cam to whatever is bigger and better.

Happy day!

New Video for Exabeam

Earlier this week I flew down to LA to shoot another video for Exabeam, a User Intelligence and Security Software company.  We had a very quick setup time, and no room to place a second camera.  So it was a tight squeeze. Luckily, Chris Hymes, Chief of Security for Hulu was a good interview and we didn't end up needing to cut around broken sentences, etc.  Considering the rush and tight quarters, I think the video came out pretty well.

Foreign Stars, Music Video

I finished a little music video for my friend, Makenna Finch.  The camera work could have been smoother, but it was a quick shoot, and just her and I.  I used my Glidecam with a 5D.  Considering the quick production time, I think it came out pretty nicely.

New Translucent Studios Website

After so long, I've finally updated my website.  Still a lot to do in terms of uploading content, but I'm really happy to have a basic, editable, clean space to work in.  Yay!